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How do I get started?

Creating an account with us can be done in just 1 minute while using your Google or Facebook account for registration only takes 30 seconds.

What is the difference between part time and gig job?

At our platform, we define "gig" as a short-term one-time off work assignment that typically lasts from one to three weeks. Examples of gig jobs might include managing an event for a weekend or assisting with a sales promotion during school holidays.

On the other hand, "part-time" work is a more regular job that requires workers to come in on specific days each week for an extended period, typically more than a month. Examples of part-time jobs might include having workers come in every weekend during lunch or dinner when the business is typically busiest.

How do I find the workers for my business?

You have two options to find and initiate your hiring process: QuickPost or Invite2Work . Both methods will help you find the workers you need for your shift.

What is QuickPost?

By using QuickPost, you can create a standard job opening post. Our intelligent matching system will then identify suitable workers for the job and motivate them to apply. Furthermore, we also list your job in the public listings on our app to gain more exposure.

What is the difference between QuickPost and other job postings portals in the market?

There are two key distinctions that set us apart:

  1. Our platform exclusively focuses on part-time and gig work within the F&B and Retail industries.
  2. We have simplified the process of job posting, eliminating the need for lengthy job descriptions. Instead, we have curated a list of the most common tasks required for part-time or gig work in F&B and Retail. All you need to do is select the tasks you need by tapping on them.

How long will my job post be up?

When creating a job post, you will be asked to specify the start date for when you want the worker to begin working for you. The post will remain active for a duration of 14 days after the specified start date, giving you ample time to find the worker for the job.

What is Invite2Work ?

Rather than posting a job and waiting for workers to apply, with Invite2Work, you have the option to proactively seek out and invite your ideal workers to work for you. This method can be particularly effective for short-term, gig-type jobs where you need immediate workers. Workers are more likely to respond positively to a direct work request from a merchant, making it easier to quickly fill your staffing needs.

How can you ensure I get the right worker for my shift?

The primary difference between part-time/gig and full-time jobs is that part-time/gig workers typically prefer to work only on specific days and times when they are available. To accommodate this, our platform allows workers to enter their availability, indicating when they are free to work. Once we know when they are available, our algorithm can begin looking for suitable workers to match your shift timing, making it easier for merchants to find workers who are available at the required times.

When can I connect with the workers to prepare them for the work?

You can start connecting with the workers via the in-app messaging services at the following stages:

  • QuickPost – Once you have accepted the worker's application for the job.
  • Invite2Work – Once the worker has accepted your invitation to work for you.

You can then chat with them directly, discuss the work details, prepare them for the work, and answer any questions they may have. This ensures a smooth and successful working relationship between the merchant and the worker.

How do I pay the workers?

Many workers prefer to be paid directly by merchants in cash after each shift, and this is typically the default payment method on our platform. However, other payment arrangements can be made between merchants and workers as well, such as payment by bank transfer or TnG wallet. The payment method can be discussed and agreed upon between the merchant and worker directly.

Who are these part time and gig workers in your database?

Our platform has a diverse member base, including students, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and anyone else looking to earn extra income. While they come from different backgrounds, they all share a common need for work flexibility. Whether it's to balance their studies, caregiving responsibilities, or personal hobbies and interests, our members value the ability to work on their own terms and schedule.

Do you provide skilled workers?

Our platform is designed to focus on part-time and gig jobs that are typically lower to middle-skilled in the F&B and Retail sectors. For skilled workers, we recommend that employers consider hiring them on a full-time basis. While we do not limit the type of jobs that can be posted on our platform, we specialize in providing a streamlined process for finding and hiring part-time and gig workers. If you are looking to hire skilled workers, a full-time position may be a more suitable option.

Can I offer the part time and gig workers I hire through your platform to work full time for me?

Yes, you can offer part-time and gig workers the opportunity to work for you on a full-time basis. In fact, we encourage employers to consider this option as it can provide more stability and income for our members. You can discuss this possibility with the workers directly and see if they are interested in working for you on a full-time basis. It is ultimately up to the worker to decide whether they want to take on a full-time role or continue working on a part-time or gig basis.

How much does this cost?

Currently, our app portal is free to use without any obligations. We do not charge any fees for posting jobs, hiring workers, or using our platform. Our goal is to make it easy and accessible for employers to find part-time and gig workers without any additional costs. However, we may introduce fees or charges in the future for additional features or services. We will notify our users in advance if there are any changes to our pricing model.

What should I do if nobody applies or accept my invitation?

If nobody is applying or accepting your invitation, here are a few things you can try:

  • Review your job post or invitation: Check if the job description is clear, and if you have provided enough information about the job, including salary rate, location, and job requirements.
  • Adjust your salary rate: If you think the per-hour rate may be too low, consider increasing it to make the job more attractive to workers.
  • Expand your reach: Try posting your job in different categories or adding more details about the job to increase its visibility.
  • Contact support: If you've tried all of the above and still have trouble finding workers, reach out to our support team for assistance. They may be able to provide more tips or help you improve your job post to attract more workers.

Who are behind DoWork?

DoWork was founded by a team of individuals from different generations, including Gen Z, Y, and X. We are a group of passionate individuals who want to help Malaysians find work opportunities that suit their availability and needs. Our team is dedicated to providing a platform that connects merchants with part-time and gig workers, making it easier for both parties to find and hire the right workers for the job.

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