Life -Work Balance  

Life comes first before work. Fit work into your life. Not the other way around. 

Structure your working time for F&B or Retail outlet any way you want, so you always have enough time for yourself, your friends and your family.  

Flexible work for Gen Y and Z

Got Free Time?

Turn It Into $$$

In-between classes? Public holiday? Free after office hours? Nothing to do after taking care of the kids? 
Work can range from 2 hours/day to 20 hours/week. 
Single work shift (Gig job), multi-day work shift (Regular Part Time job) or permanent position (Full Time).
Be it morning, afternoon or evening, turn your spare time into money. 

Perfect For:

Seeking income to help famliy

Stay-At-Home Parents

Earning extra income

University / College Students

Work to pass time


Seeking work experience through part time work

Intern or Fresh Graduates who are still hunting for their first job
Overcoming high inflation with extra income

Anyone with spare time during the weekdays or weekends

 Ways To Get The Flexible Work You Want


Choose When, Where, & How Much You Earn & Work

  • Browse the job listing based on your free day or time, work duration, and the task you prefer to do.

  • An intelligent matching system analyzes your profile and notifies you of any part time or gig job opportunities that fit your needs.

  • One tap to apply and get hired !

  Invite 2Work

Don't Just Look For A Job, Have A Job Look For You

  • Merchant may search for you based on your availability, experience, etc, and send you an Invite2Work on a full/part time or gig basis. 

  • Accept the invitation, go to work and get paid.

  • It's as simple as that !

  • *Merchants will not be able to see your name & contact until you accept their invitation, to protect your privacy.* 

Work That Works For You

Find job that fit your schedule

Work Only When You're Free

Tell us when you're free (day & time) and want to work, and we match the job accordingly for you. 

F&B and Retail work task

Work On The Task You Want To Do

We'll only display and match F&B and Retail jobs that you can, want, and are willing to do.

Gig short term or regular part time job

Work For The Duration You Want

Whether you are looking for a one-time, gig-style job, a regular part-time job or a full-time job, we offer all options to suit your needs.

Work Anyone Can Do

Most job does not require experience as you’ll be doing F&B or Retail work that’s basic but vital to the business like clearing tables, serving customer, assisting at an event, etc.

Earn $$ while gaining experience or insight into the F&B or Retail industry and expand your network.

Worker cleaning and serving food

What Workers Say

Extra income

Job portal
  • No joining fee or lengthy onboarding process.

  • No agency commission or fee is deducted from your salary. You do the work, you should get paid in full. It's only fair.
  • No delay in salary payment or third-party involvement. Get paid directly from the Merchant, usually on the spot.

  • No language or any requirement to start using our platform - as long as you can or are willing to work.

Start Your Flexible Life-Work

Want more money? Want to do something in your free time? Wish to gain more work experience? Want to expand your network?

Whatever your reason is, you can be sure to find the type of job you want here.

Download the app and let's go to work!!