Exploring Opportunities for Outside Labor Force in Malaysia's Workforce

Malaysia's outside labour force (over 7 million), which includes individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or outside of the labour market, is a significant untapped resource. There is a need to explore opportunities to bring them into the workforce and to provide them with viable options for part time and gig work. The food and beverage (F&B) and retail industries are particularly well-suited for this as they have a high demand for part time and gig workers. This blog post will discuss why part-time and gig work in F&B and retail is a viable solution for Malaysia's outside labour force, and how DoWork is supporting this.

Firstly, part-time and gig work is an ideal solution for those who are unable to commit to full-time employment due to various reasons, including family responsibilities, health issues, or other personal circumstances. By providing flexible working hours, part time and gig work in F&B and retail can help individuals to balance work and life commitments.

Secondly, the F&B and retail industries have a high demand for part time and gig workers due to the nature of their business. They require a large workforce during peak hours, weekends, and holidays, which can be met through part-time and gig work. Additionally, turnover rates in these industries are high, and part time and gig workers can be a cost-effective solution for businesses to fill in the gaps.

Lastly, part time and gig work in F&B and retail can also provide opportunities for career development and upskilling. Workers can gain valuable experience and skills in customer service, sales, and teamwork, which can be transferred to other industries and can improve their employability.

DoWork, a part-time and gig job portal in Malaysia, is supporting the efforts to bring Malaysia's outside labour force into the workforce. By providing a platform that connects job seekers with part-time and gig job opportunities in F&B and retail, DoWork is enabling individuals to work according to their preferences, needs, and abilities. The platform allows workers to browse through various job opportunities and filter them based on their availability, location, and pay rates. DoWork also enables job seekers to build their profiles and showcase their skills and experience to potential employers.

Moreover, DoWork provides businesses with a platform to reach a wide pool of part-time and gig workers, enabling them to find the right candidate for their specific needs. The platform allows businesses to post job openings, review candidate profiles, and communicate with potential hires.

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